Our Story

Welcome to Chemnist, your gateway to an exotic body care experience, where memories of distant lands blend with modern skin wellness. Our products are meticulously crafted, echoing the richness and mystique of South Asia and the Middle East. The allure of these regions isn't just confined to their landscapes, but extends to their ancient wisdom and tradition of natural body care, a secret we at Chemnist have unlocked for you.

Our focus is to provide safe, nurturing, and effective products that suit all skin types, including those sensitive and eczema-prone. Say goodbye to the blandness of drugstore body butters and immerse yourself in our diverse array of products, each carrying a unique, enticing scent that transports you to a realm of comfort and warmth.

 Weaving threads of nostalgia into the very fabric of our product line, we take pride in delivering the cultural experiences many brown-skinned individuals recall fondly from their upbringing. Yet, our ambition reaches far beyond this, aiming to introduce the North American market to an array of options that not only foster skin health but stir feelings of journey and homely comfort.

As you explore our collections, you will discover the delicate blend of rare spices, the soothing touch of sacred herbs, and the intoxicating aura of exotic flowers that have been the hallmark of South Asian and Middle Eastern wellness rituals for centuries.

Welcome to a world where beauty and tradition blend harmoniously, where every ingredient has a story to tell, where each product is a testament to our commitment to your skin's wellness. Unearth your journey of self-care with Chemnist - your passport to an exotic body care experience.

Our Formulation

chemnist founder story

We experimented to make sure everything was good for you while having a love affair with smelling great.

Scent memories: A curated set of fragrances that evoke childhood memories from the East.

Avoid the ashy: Dryness begone. A little goes a long way, and lasts all day. It's a welcomed treat for the hands as well, making sure your skin stays supple.

Nourishing ingredients: We get rid of the superfluous and keep only the essentials. No fillers. As a water free formula, there's no need for preservatives. Every ingredient directly contributes to nourishing mind, body, and soul.

Pure in make & mission: Raw ingredients are tested using state-of-the-art gas chromatography to verify the purity and potency. Ultra refined and cruelty-free.

No animal testing: A non-negotiable. All ingredients are also plant-based aside from the silk amino acids and fragrance oils used in select Body Butter Melts.