Wabi Sabi Collection

Wabi sabi is a Japanese concept referring to beautifully imperfect things. It's all about appreciating something simply because it's lacking or different in some sort of way.
Chemnist encourages conscious living in everything that we do. That means that we don't want anything to go to waste. Our Body Butter Melts are made to order, going through quality assurance before they're shipped to you. Sometimes, that means we're left with overstock or batches that didn't quite make the cut.
All products in this collection are safe to use and made of all the same ingredients as our regular Body Butter Melts, however they're sold at a discount because:
  • They're in different sample jars, or
  • They're in imperfect jars, or 
  • They have a different texture (lighter, fluffier, or melt faster than others)
On each product page, you will see a note for the specific reason.
We hope you enjoy these as much as any other, if not more, because truly - eliminating waste is better for the world we live in.